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East Midlands Civil Engineering employ the most experienced teams to deliver Adoptable Drainage Schemes, regardless of size, on time and within budget with safety a priority.

From first breaking into an existing manhole or existing main, to constructing the most diverse schemes, all works are undertaken under licence whilst fully liaising with both the Local Authority and our Clients in order to ensure complete compliance.

  • Adoptable Storm and Foul Sewers

  • Sewers Diversion Works

  • Storm Attenuation / Storage Solutions

  • Precast Concrete Box Culverts

  • Soakaway Solutions

  • Foul Water Pumping Stations

  • Rising Mains

  • Hydrobrake and Penstock Installations

  • Headwall Constructions

  • Trenchless Pipeline Solutions

  • Connection to Existing Sewers

  • Balancing Pond Construction

  • Ditch and Swale Constructions

  • Flood Alleviation Schemes

  • Local Authority Liason

  • Environment Agency Liaison

  • Section 106 Licences

  • Jetting and CCTV Reports

Roads and Footpaths

East Midlands Civil Engineering Limited continue to be a leading force in the construction of Roads and Footpaths throughout the Midlands Region.

Sustaining high standards of workmanship, engineering and management remain key to achieving Adoption and satisfying Local Authority Highways Inspectors and our Client representatives alike.

  • Full Road and Footpath Construction to Adoptable Standards

  • CBR Testing to determine Road Construction

  • Road Service Ducting

  • Footpath Mains Services

  • Street Lighting

  • Adoption Remedial Works

  • White Lining

  • Chapter 8 Traffic and Pedestrian Management

  • Traffic Calming Measures

  • Section 278 Works


East Midlands Civil Engineering Limited specialise in all types of Foundation Construction.

Regardless of ground conditions encountered – good ground, made ground or tree root influence – we are capable of undertaking any Foundation solution proposed.

  • Standard Strip Foundations

  • Deep Trench Fill Foundations

  • Reinforced Concrete Raft Foundations

  • Piled and Reinforced Concrete Beam Foundations

  • Vibro-Piled Foundations

  • Block and Beam Floor Installation

  • Reinforced Concrete Suspended Floor Installation

  • Ground Bearing Slab Installation

  • ‘Insulslab’ Reinforced Concrete Floor System – Approved Installer

  • Gas Membranes – Approved Installer

External Works

East Midlands Civil Engineering Limited have undertaken an extensive portfolio of External Works over many years. From Tarmac & Block Paved Drives to Permeable Drives, from Standard Slabbed Paths to Feature Edged Paths, from Standard Garden Construction to Remediated Solutions or from minor Retaining Works to major Retaining Structures, we have gained a wealth of experience and expertise in the field.

  • Cut and Fill to achieve formation level

  • Private / Shared Driveway Construction

  • Slabbed Path Construction

  • Tarmac Surfacing

  • Block Paving

  • Private Drainage and Services

  • Land and Aco Drainage

  • Soakaways and Attenuation Tanks

  • Rainwater Harvesting Tanks

  • Importation of clean certified spoil to make up levels

  • Importation of certified clean Topsoil

  • Garden remediation Strategy Works

  • Retaining Walls, Screen Walls and Log Retaining Walls

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